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Presenting the New Big Top! Step right up!
Published in 4A's Philippines website • June 7, 2021

It’s been a year of brands being affected by the pandemic – sweeping person-to-person engagement under the carpet.  And we say we can’t keep doing this.  The battle for engagement has never been more important, as our consumers are at their most distracted, scattered and fragmented. It’s time to give brands an opportunity to be as creatively unique as they used to, design experiences that take affinity to the next level.  We present to the industry a way to bridge the physical and the virtual in an event venue of the future.

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MALL-E.  Sure, everyone has been selling on Lazada, Shoppee and Shopify.  And certain brands have been doing amazingly well.  The past year has been a time when consumers have been re-assessing their priorities, and certainly, functionality has played a big role in influencing share of wallets.  Today, though, when homes have adjusted their spending and are wishing to fulfill emotional buckets, the era of virtual affinity is rising.


Go beyond 2D photos in online stores.  Reach beyond limited-time live selling activities.  Put this all together in a 24/7 3D environment where people can walk around your wares, browse your racks, do this with family or friends and have private chat threads to discuss which one you want to purchase, with a payment gateway to boot!  Bridge long distances and virtually meet people in your stores.

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HALL-E.  And the most controversial of them all, the thing we miss so much – gathering in large crowds, watching live experiences.  The live events industry has suffered so much this past year; we wanted to do our share to hype it up.

Let’s bring back the fun, engaging activities in live events.  Go beyond the functional presentation of content.  Let audiences play, experience brand benefits using games, activations, customized interactive videos.  Bring back, no, STEP UP sponsored activities and values so we step up the revenue.  Step up the stage for incredible talent.  Step up the heart-pounding.  Step up the tears.

Soon, all users will be able to customize their own avatars, as friends and family gather in small groups attending the event together, chatting privately and having their own kind of fun.  Imagine concerts, theater, product launches, and e-bar!

Interested in an ocular?

Check us out at!

The platform is open 24/7. Imagine how you can reskin the environments. Time to step up our client proposals, time to breathe life into engagement! See you soon!

Get in touch with us at [email protected].

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